POD9.5 Meeting Saturday Dec. 4 - BRANDING with Jessica Zou

Hello everyone,

Hope you had a relaxing week/end, whether alone or with company, eating, drinking, working or enjoying small things - like a quiet city ☺️

Getting back in the groove, we have an exciting meeting coming up this week. Our guest host is Jessica Zou, branding collaborator, who works at building communities and facilitating change. She is also a podcaster and you may already know her from Interview Practice.

As we look ahead to launch our podcast, how does our personal brand align with our message? Jessica writes: '… branding is a thread that connects every aspect of the work we do for who we truly are and how we are perceived by our audiences, especially for multi-passionate creatives. I’m curious to learn what’s challenging for everyone at this point of work?’

We will compile a short list of questions to begin the meeting and then open the conversation for the rest of the time. If there is a specific question you have in mind, please drop it in this thread.

This is a great subject for all of us to tackle and a great opportunity to have Jessica providing her insight.

Looking forward to it!


On the Up & UP :arrow_up: POD9.5 — Saturdays 3pm-NYC
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@Anna Oh what a lovely all-inclusive welcome back greeting Anna. YES, am seriously looking forward to Saturday with POD9.5 plus those who have joined us AND of course Jessica Zou - wahoo!!! Thanks for your enthusiastic “heads up.” Looking forward to more of your valuable Prompts! Wanting health and safety for all! :heart_eyes:


Great msg, @Anna !
Will put on thinking cap and submit at least one question to Jessica before Saturday’s meeting 🥸

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Did you get a chance of thinking about what branding is for you?
Bring your questions, better yet, write them down so that we can field them for Jessica.

Looking forward to seeing everybody tomorrow!


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I wanted to come Saturday but had a “Celebration of Life” (memorial/funeral thing) at that time. How was the meeting?


Amazing, @JustJamie
Sorry that someone you knew passed.
We’ll be working on some of the ideas Jessica talked to us for a few weeks. Right now think about your personal brand–what you stand for, your values–this is the foundation of everything else

See you next week, AP (she/her)

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