New Pod Launch: Hella XP AP


Hey Ya’ll, Here’s a project I’ve dragged my feet on for a while. Requires A LOT of editing, cause… I’m super conscious of my voice and I don’t love it. It’s a recording of a role playing game with performers to tell an action adventure story. For those not familiar with the subculture It’s called an “Actual Play” and there are some really huge ones the biggest of which is, Critical Role.

This project has been ‘a challenge’ the whole way. I reached out to a Role Playing Game (RPG) Publisher with a similar name, offering to play some of their games and they threatened to sue me. And now I’ve settled with Hella XP … XP being short for ‘experience’, a ‘credit’ players earn for playing the game they can spend in game (Just like video games) and Hella cause I’m from the SF Bay Area and it’s a phrase often attributed to there.

If anyone has any thoughts on the project I’d love to hear em
Moe P

The Audio Spotlight would be a great opportunity to get more feedback. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I selected spotlight, I forgot how to do the Inline tags.

Tag are different; they’re mostly for helping with searching content and find things.

…is a way to create topic that everyone will see.

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