Podcast production advice required

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice on out-sourcing podcast production.

I’ve shipped 5 episodes now (and have 3 more ready to go) and it’s taking me on average about 5 hours to edit each episode. I really want to outsource this part of the process but need some advice/recommendations for finding a good producer.

I tried Barevalue who were great for editing, very fast, good value etc but there was no editorial and the effort require to provide them with editing notes would have taken me as long as it would take to do the edit myself.

What I really need is a producer to work with who understands what I’m trying to achieve and can make editorial decisions.

Any recommendations or thoughts?

I’m managed to secure sponsorship which will make it easier to fund this project.

Podcast: www.sondership.com


Hey @dannyattias! I may be able to help you. I’ve helped out a number of Akimbo podcasters and would love the opportunity to help you tell your story.

If you’d like to get together and chat, just click my Calendly link below and pick a time that works for you!


This. Yes, please.

People with questions and needs, and people with ideas, solutions and offers of service.



Thanks Aardvark, remember how I said your trailer was brilliantly edited - BOOM! Best ad ever.


Another option: Podcasting — First Class Reels

Our middle son Darwin edits mine. I know he works with some other podcasters, too. But you may be all set up now. Good luck!


I use Darwin Carlisle for my in-depth guest InnerViews
Thanks for the referral @AnetteCarlisle


Did you reach a decision on this? …how did it work out? :smiley:

Thanks for asking Craig, I spoke to a few people and hit a couple of dead ends but eventually something really fortuitous happend last week and I now have a producer covering all activity post recording, including editing it for content, transcription, copy, visuals, marketing and social media.

I’m paying her for a day’s work per episode and will get sponsorship to cover it in due course.


I LOVE THIS STORY! I’m thrilled for her AND you! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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