Audio Spotlight

The audio spotlight hot seat


Every Tuesday, there’s an opportunity for someone to jump into the hot seat.

Being in the hot seat means your audio will be placed on the workbench for everyone to provide feedback. Don’t panic, our culture here means you’ll receive generous feedback and useful criticism from people who actually understand a thing or three about podcasting.

If you are very new here—hey, Welcome!—be sure you read the bit at the very bottom where I’ve arranged a comfy chair and some more instructions.

Upcoming spotlights

While it’s true that it’s always your turn in general…

There’s a queue to get a turn on the Audio Spotlight hot seat here in the Podcaster Community. We’re not exclusively British, but we do still like to queue politely.

The Podcaster Community calendar lists the upcoming Audio Spotlights. You can see who will be in the hot seat, and you can see available dates if you want to claim a spot in the hot seat.

See a date you want?

Send me a message, @craigconstantine ( :arrow_left: click that, then click [Message] )

When it’s your turn on the hot seat

Click this link :arrow_down:

Start a new spotlight topic

That will start a topic for you, in the Public category, with the body filled out. You just need to edit three things…

  1. Edit the subject — Start with Spotlight: and then whatever you want. The better your subject is, the better the chance more people will engage with your topic. Try something like…
    Spotlight: Which of these intros is more engaging?
    Spotlight: Thoughts on this new music in my intro?
    Spotlight: Where does this episode first bore you?
    Spotlight: What is this strange sound in my recording, how to fix?

  2. Something helpful to others — In the body (you’ll see where) type something that you think would be helpful to other podcasters. It can be anything. Don’t panic, and don’t over think it. People are NOT going to reply and tell you it’s dumb. But someone, somewhere is going to think: “oh! That’s helpful.” Generosity for the win!

  3. What do you want help with — In the body (again, you’ll see where) type what you want help with. Remember to give us context, and we probably need a link if you want us to listen to audio… Don’t try to jam everything into your “ask”. Your spotlight topic [hopefully] will be a conversation once you find out who replies, what they contribute, etc.

:thinking: Not required, but hey, if you are a supporting member who knows how to use Discourse: You can save me having to do the unwritten 4th step by posting your spotlight topic directly into the Workbench category. Just change the category as you’re creating your topic.

Comfy chair reserved for newest members

Craig Constantine

Yeah, sorry, it’s really just more instructions :face_holding_back_tears:

This platform is very careful about what you can do, when you first create your account. This is the wild Internet after all. People regularly run in the front door and try to jump on our coffee table to grab our attention.

If you are very new— If you literally make an account to log in, and then rush to this page to try to jump on the hot seat… you’re going to bump into sharp edges.

The first sharp edge is that you cannot even see — let alone actually click on and use — the private messaging system. Just visit us a few times over a few days… click on things here and there, maybe press the like button (on this topic, perhaps?) In no time at all you’ll get promoted and you’ll be able to use the private messaging system.

The second sharp edge is that, yes, you can make an account and immediately post a topic in Public . . . but you won’t be able to put links into your topic, or embed audio players . . . you’ll need to spend a little time with us here. Maybe post a thoughtful reply on someone else’s topic? Maybe explore the ≡ menu at the top right and poke around?

I hope the chair was comfy. Feel free to rest here as long as you like. This community will be here…



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