Spotlight: Hella XP Actual Play

This might be helpful…

Heya Podcast-Amigos… (I only have a couple tricks.)
Here’s a new podcast format I’m exploring, the Actual Play. This is a podcast recording of me and some friends playing an improvised game for public consumption, and editing it to make it even more consumable.

I need help with…

Is it interesting? Does the story encourage you to want to know more? How’s the sound design? Levels of audio? Distinction of voices? And my personal inadequacy: how do I sound? Comfortable? Annoying? Judicious? Mean?


Moe P

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Thanks for putting yourself out there @MoeP !

Podcasters, have you seen the Tuesday spotlight opportunity? Audio Spotlight

My thoughts…

  • very much not my cup of tea :slight_smile: that said…
  • it was very clear what I was getting into; music set the tone, description of what the show is, the episode, etc.
  • but by a couple minutes in, the music bed is far too loud… I’m not great at mixing, but I’d want that much quieter. I’d suggest the focus be on the voices, and the music needs to be just audible in the back…
  • at points I think the different voice tracks were different too—you sound quieter then your other hosts… but not sure; that might just be the difference in the color of the voice tracks…
  • I like the sounds of the dice… little touches like that are engaging.

Hope that helps.

Updated to add: I actually was listening to Episode 3 — not Episode 1 as appears in this platform’s preview of the link you’ve shared. Not a problem, just wanted to be clear about what I had listened to.


…for the first part of your topic, “something helpful.” Can you dig deeper?

What’s something you’ve learned in your podcasting journey that you can share to help someone else learn?

Podcasters, that first part is part of the Spotlight challenge itself, Audio Spotlight

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What have I learned… not to enjoy listening to my voice while editing. LOL.

What I’ve learned is that you’ll work super hard on your first episode, but you’ll ‘find’ a comfortable place with your pod by and by. As you do it, there will definitely be a level of discovery. Not just from feedback, but also in the doing.

Moe P