IDEA CLUB meets today (Oct 3)

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HERE WE ARE 10/03/2023 - the PODCASTER IDEA CLUB ZOOM in a few hours.
Join us! Keep Up, Catch Up, Start Up - ALL WELCOMED by an open hearted active minded group of friends, meeting consistently once a month on the FIRST TUESDAY.
So what happens during this SHORT 30 minute ZOOM Idea Club Meeting?

1. LOTS! First we “set-up” during which participants enter their IDEA into the Chat.
2. Your prep is to come with an idea in mind. SOMETHING, ANYTHING relevant to Podcasting.
3. We select from our ideas, one by one, and discuss - succinctly sharing plans, insights and questions to initiate a short group discussion.
4. With self monitoring, we close our topic down and mindfully select the next person.
So far, everyone gets a turn!


Join Zoom Meeting Here

Meeting ID: 914 813 1520
Password: 036415


Thanks, Mary! See you tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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I’m hi friends, I’m traveling and can’t make it … it’s on my. Calendar for Nov ( yikes! November already !) Catherine


Wish I could join y’all! I’m in FL working after Hurricane Idalia, and it’s unlikely I’ll be free to make it Tuesday afternoon.

Thinking positive thoughts about all of you!



@Lovelace - it’s really a joy to receive a few words from you each month Lovelace. Thanks so so so much for taking the time. Given an increasingly agitated climate, I have come to wonder if we will ever see you again. Your work/service is deeply stabilizing and hopeful for so many people I’m sure. Looking forward to when you can Join us and share a bit about it! :two_hearts:

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@CatherineJ - :slightly_frowning_face: sad face for tomorrow, :grin: happy face for November which will be here in a flash. Your IDEA for the Idea Club is thriving. I think we have the hang of it now! Take care and safe travels!!!

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Thanx for your note!! I’m so happy the lean coffee format is working for everyone… looking forward to joining in November!

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During the meeting I brought up Steve Pressfield’s concept of “where’s your scene?” Wrong person :slight_smile:

…it’s from Cal Newport:

I tell this story not because I think a method approach, in which you inhabit your characters and their behaviors, is the best way to write fiction. (If this were true, a lot more authors would take a swing at romance novels.) But instead because it’s an extreme example of a more general point that I’ve been emphasizing recently: when it comes to cognitive work, setting makes a difference.

~ Cal Newport from, On Vampires and Method Writing - Cal Newport

Back in May I wrote about this…

This is something I’ve thought about often, related to my podcasting efforts—and everyone else’s podcasting efforts—

Where is the podcasting scene for us?

I think this Podcaster Community is the scene for me… but it’s not busy enough to fully scratch the itch for me. I want to be able to wander into the proverbial Paris literary café and find myself awash in literary discussion.

Updated to add: I’ve some ideas about how to accomplish that. The Tuesday audio spotlight was meant to be a way to get something interesting posted once a week (and without me having to do it every week). But that hasn’t taken off. I’ve also considered doing something where each week someone would share/suggest one podcast episode … but as with all things, it’s hard to get a string of volunteers to fill up a regular weekly thing. :slight_smile:


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Fun, get together today at the Idea Club. Craig brought up the idea of “scene,” which we probably could have explored a lot more!

The other day as I was sadly contemplating moving all my podcasts from Google Podcasts to who knows where, I stumbled upon this Reddit thread:

Not everyone is enamored of Reddit and I know there are issues but I did feel that there was a sense of community here. A community of listeners if not of creators.


@ChristiCassidy - thank you so much for the link. Although I’ve heard of Reddit, have never been there before clicking on your link. You gave such a glowing recommendation, dovetailing it to Craig’s curiosity on creating a viable growing SCENE for the Podcaster Community - which he discusses above!

@craigconstantine - thanks for explaining this for all of us Craig!

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The idea club was popping with all the best kind of head/heart activity today. Mary started by identifying how some upcoming events will put her in a physical place where she can consult with long time friends about her podcast - draw on their support - not to listen but to inspire the regular pattern of delivery she aspires to.

Next Christi, who is currently taking Steve Heatherton’s Podcasting course, shared how it is a little similar but also uniquely different from the former Podcaster Community Courses. I am excited to take it down the road a bit, and Christi’s comments stoked that flame.

Craig segway’d nicely into his thoughts on SCENE - Craig lays it out in his own words here. IDEA CLUB meets today (Oct 3) - #8 by craigconstantine

This inspired Christi to share her feelings about the coming demise of Google Podcasts :slightly_frowning_face: and her delight to find a scene of sorts on Reddit. Her insights are at IDEA CLUB meets today (Oct 3) - #9 by ChristiCassidy

It was a very chewy 30 minutes. Good times slogging together through realities and visions.
We will be together again - November 7, 2023.


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