Idea Club Meets TODAY, 1/16/24 - Join Us!

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It’s Illuminating!
Maybe it’s doable for you today - ONLY 30 minutes.
This engaging group of friends WELCOMES YOU to our consistent monthly meeting. This month, we’re meeting today, January 16, 2024.

What happens during the 30-minute ZOOM Idea Club Meeting?

1. LOTS! First we “set-up” during which participants enter their IDEA into the Chat.
2. Your prep is to come with an idea in mind. SOMETHING, ANYTHING relevant to Podcasting.
3. Then we select from our ideas, one by one, and discuss.
This means, we succinctly share our idea and initiate a short group discussion. When that person is finished, they select the next person.
4. ONLY 30 minutes. We promise! :grin: SEE YOU SOON


Join the Idea Club meeting today with this Zoom link:


Time today is 3:00 - 3:30 p.m. EST / 2:00 - 2:30 p.m. CST.

Click here to join:

See you soon!

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@ChristiCassidy - wouldn’t miss it! :clap:

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WOW! Fantastic conversation with Moe, Mary, Allison, Shannon, Craig, Christi, Lovelace, Mark and Suzi. Examples of some topics

  1. Global Analytics (Craig poured a huge amount of valuable into how this can be accessed without the costs),
  2. Favorite dream guest,
  3. expanding guest outreach,
  4. our thoughts on 2+ hour Podcasts and will they be increasing,
  5. oh dear Lovelace lost a 45 min interview last week and wonders if anyone is using Descript to record their interviews and shows? (suggestions for Lovelace were Streamyard and Squadcast.
  6. AND LOTS MORE - a recording is coming.

[Edited to remove the Dropbox link because it didn’t work.]

Here’s the recording of today’s Idea Club get-together. Thanks, everybody, for the lively and informative conversation!

Here’s the recording, in Dropbox because I think it’s too big to upload here:

meeting_saved_chat.txt (2.3 KB)

Next Idea Club meeting is Tuesday, February 6, 2024 at 3 p.m. EST. Till then!

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Hi @ChristiCassidy - the dropbox link might not work. Do you have Soundcloud? The others hopefully know a way that requires ZERO work on your end. A link straight to ZOOM if it wasn’t downloaded to your computer? You definitely get A+ for attempting to share it. :smile:

Hey @ideaclub @supporters - I think I managed to get the recording from our last Idea Club, which was held on January 16, 2024. Try this, if you’re interested; it’s an MP4 file so should be good to view:

@ChristiCassidy oh WOW that popped up instantly and functionally Christi - just PERFECT! Thank you so much. A LOT of excellent info in here that others can access and play. You are the BEST!!!

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