Idea Club Meets TODAY 2/7/2023

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Meeting ID: 853 7074 5648
Passcode: 018987

Today’s TOPIC 2/7/2023 - by Craig Constantine for The Idea Club #1

Domo arigato mister roboto! Let’s play with a Large Language Model (LLM).

The most talked-about LLM these days is ChatGPT, built by the company OpenAI. The company started in 2015. Microsoft kicked in $1 Billion in 2019, and apparently another $10 Billion in January.

We’ll say hello to ChatGPT and poke it a bit around the topic of podcasting. You’ll see how you can get access to it, and you’ll understand how you can play with it on your own.

Then we’ll try asking ChatGPT to do something that applies to podcasting: Take a transcript and generate prose. At this point we’ll probably also get to see an AI hallucinate.