Hello, I'm Linda

What brings me here?
An opportunity to continue expand my knowledge, an opportunity collaborate and interact with the amazing podcasting community that I’ve found so valuable.

I was a part of POD6 and now a coach for POD8. I am the creator, host and editor for my podcast, THE ARENA - Living a Courageous Life.
Diverse guests share their stories how they show up consciously, courageously to embrace their lives.

I’m working up a concept for a “Sober Social” initiative in TMS that I think will need a podcast. Something like: “Stories about sobriety - the challenges, the barriers, and getting to the other side, better than ever. How do we build back better, create connection and belonging for those who are sober curious through to those in recovery.”


Linda, I have a friend here in Toronto who is a coach, and also does a lot of work in the sobriety space. If you ever want a connection, let me know!


Thanks @jennifermyerschua! I am building my list so that’s great to know. :pray:t2:

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There is also https://seasons-of-sobriety.simplecast.com/ by Howard, a TPF Alum


Thanks @steveh Craig mentioned this one too :heart:


@thearena - I couldn’t locate (despite my best search efforts) the post below (which I was able to retrieve from a deleted email). You tagged me in a subsequent post and when I prepared to reply, your original was nowhere to be found (at least not by me!). So, I have pasted it in below (and hidden it via the Summary tool), and responded as requested.


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Linda - I think this thought is very interesting as it is likely not a major thrust of most conversations about drinking -"… or never have been drinkers of alcohol…"

This is a classic phrase! “that creates a tunnel at the end of the light.”

Your entire process and goals seem very well thought out!

so cool that you are a coach!! they are lucky to have you. you are doing exciting stuff. great to see you here

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@thearena you were a big inspiration to me Pod8…your podcast has inspired me!

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Oh thank you so much. This makes my day @JustJamie

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well @thearena you are very good at what you do and you were an excellent coach in Pod8…I hope to catch up with you on the Pod path

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