February 7, 2023 - Practice Book Club Meets

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We started the Book Club on February 1, 2022 and meeting monthly, we finished discussing The Practice on December 6, 2022 under the delightful and capable guidance of our final host, Anna Cosentino. We all took turns. Everyone was uniquely awesome!

We haven’t selected a new book yet. We might NOT do a book. The consensus was that we’d freely share our ideas on February 7 and decide on a course of action then. This core group of people really works well together, enriching all participants in only 30 minutes. Just join us to experience the magic first hand! Everyone welcome. It’s still, as always, about your Podcast. Watch for login details as we get closer to 2 pm Central Time, ’Feb. 7, 2023. :blush: Hop on unannounced! Surprise us! We’d love that!!! :+1::smile:


Good going, @maryjlrowe !
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: AP


Thank you, @maryjlrowe! I look forward to our next chapter.

PS - Happy New Year, @AnnieP and Mary. :fireworks:


Happy New Year! My calendar says we’re meeting tomorrow, but…it looks like we’ll meet on February 7th instead. Looking forward to it!


@Lovelace - Happy New Year right back atcha! Wishing you continuous comfort and health so you may do your great work! Feb 7 will pounce upon us in no time! :yellow_heart::wink::smile::+1:

@ChristiCassidy - YES Christy, your calendar WAS right but we were obliged to postpone a month. Surely this will make us all EXTRA eager and ready to come together again on February7, 2023! :smile::pray::orange_heart:

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Looking forward to seeing all of you next month. Wishing everyone health, happiness and prosperity.
Happy New Year! :sparkles::women_with_bunny_ears::sun_with_face::sparkles:

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@Anna Same same same for you Anna. Those are gorgeous emojis - wow!

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