Book Club tomorrow March 1

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  • ALL Welcome to our 2nd Meeting - March 1, 2022 at 3:00 pm Eastern! ONLY 30 minutes! The time shown here between the little globes - is YOUR time based on your time zone!
  • We will discuss “The Practice” by Seth Godin from page 27 to 49 - or Chapter 21 to 39.
  • Post thoughts and doings in between monthly meetings.
  • ZOOM Meeting Agenda
    – Short welcome! Our Presenter “Christi Cassidy” will be introduced.
    – 5 minute Presentation by Christi on application, experience, or an ah-ha.
    – 10 minute breakout sessions or the Group as a whole.
    – Also during this meeting, we’ll ask an important question of all attendees.
    – 5 minute wrap-up.

ZOOM Meeting Link

Meeting ID: 853 7074 5648
Passcode: 018987

Note: Some sourcing suggestions for The Practice by Seth Godin


@bookclub The Practice Book Club meets in about 15 minutes Tuesday, March 1, 2020 - see link above for info.
3:00 pm Eastern, 2:00 pm Central, 1:00 pm Mountain and Noon Pacific

Thank you so much for hosting this. Sorry I missed most of it - now it is in my calendar!
Lovely to see everybody :wave:

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Wonderful attendance today - even MORE wonderful discussion - so well worth our time!
But most wonderful of ALL - friends and supporters like you who truly understand the transformation we are each personally compelled to make and share honestly your insights and generously your support.

AND NOW - let’s be like @craig

who PRINTED our upcoming Book Club schedule;
and put it somewhere impossible to miss - such as INSIDE the book if you have a hard copy!

Meeting and Presenter Schedule
Feb 1, Chapters 1 - 19 up to page 27 (Annie Parnell)
Mar 1, Chapters 20 - 39 up to page 49 (Christi Cassidy)
Apr 5, Chapters 40 - 59 up to page 71 (Mary Rowe)
May 3, Chapters 60 - 79 up to page 93
Jun 7, Chapters 80 - 99 up to page 121
Jul 5, Chapters 100 - 119 up to page 143
Aug 2, Chapters 120 - 139 up to page 164
Sep 6, Chapters 140 - 159 up to page 184
Oct 4, Chapters 160 - 179 up to page 203
Nov 1, Chapters 180 - 199 up to page 228
Dec 6, Chapters 200 - 219 up to page 250


@Anna even just a little Anna is enough to make the pot extra delicious


@ChristiCassidy - You had my heart in my throat Christi - not just because you went for “the jugular” today with those insights and cautions but that you did it so carefully and egolessly - made it easier to look within and see our strengths and what to avoid. THANK YOU!


@lisaforreal It was such a treat to see that you joined us and with your adorable little one as well. Hope you can come again on April 5. Of course we would love to hear from you too!


Thank you, @maryjlrowe - I swear every time I read Seth’s work I see something new and valuable. It’s great being part of this community, that’s for sure! Your intro, btw, was excellent–with a presentation, no less! Classy. You’ll have to let us know how your evaluation goes.