Daily Shorts: A Question and A Thought Every Day

Welcome to the Low Two Podcast Daily Short. The daily podcast you can listen to while your morning coffee cools. Each day I come to you with a question and a thought for the day and briefly talk about them https://ltp-daily-shorts.podbean.com/

I started posting a daily question on my social media, back in January of 2020. I started with with a thought of the day in July of 2021. A few weeks ago I decided to make a podcast with them. I know I need to make some tweaks.

I’d love some feedback.


Hi @kbkaus :slight_smile:

I think you’ll get more engagement if you can give us a smaller ask, “some feedback” is too vague…

I created a structure here in PodComm for doing exactly what you want… take a look at this topic and see if it makes sense. I can’t guarantee it gets you feedback, but worth a shot: