Idea club meets today 11/7/23

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The 30 Minute Idea Club just FLOWS because there are SO MANY topics that surround and imbue the constantly growing legions of Podcasters, Podcast enthusiasts, and Future Podcasters across the Globe. Bring a topic that has captured your imagination recently.
EXAMPLE: my topic today will be about searching Podcasts with the NAME of someone you want to hear interviewed OR searching by content/concept AND how this impacts how we prepare our own Podcast for Publication.

1. FIRST First we “set-up” by entering our topic into the Chat, such as the one I posted above.
2. What Topic? simply SOMETHING, ANYTHING relevant to Podcasting.
3. Then we Rock’n Roll one by one, choosing each topic one by one, succinctly sharing our idea to initiate a short group discussion.
4. Everyone Gets a Turn As you finish, you select the next Idea Presenter.
5. BTW, Invite your friends who have a Podcast, love Podcasts or are considering one. All Welcome!


Meeting ID: 853 7074 5648
Passcode: 018987




Kate, on our call today, wanted more info about Steve’s podcasting course, it’s here

(@steveh correct me if I’m wrong?)


thank you @maryjlrowe and everyone for an engaging and diverse convo. Mary, I’m curious which Jacob Collier podcast you found so inspiring … I’m totally on the same page as you - I love digging into the podcast archives of my fav people (currently I’m stalking Rick Rubin’s interviews…)

'til next time, catherine


Hi @craigconstantine - How does Kate Wright to join this Podcaster Community? Is it simply a matter of going to - and then is there a prompt to join? Thanks so much for all you do!

Have you found the Krista Tippet OnBeing interview with Rick Rubin?

Here is a search on Podchaser that spoils the hunt - they are probably all there @CatherineJ


No correction needed @craigconstantine - next cohort starting in January - feel free to book a call to discuss what it is all about if it would be helpful Kate.

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@Catherine - FIRST - thank you so so so much for stepping up as opener, convener, closer. Hand to heart. This is the Podcast Episode I was talking about. When Jacob suddenly comes on at Minute 4:07 - 4:08 - the energy immediately changes. There is some in-depth musician talk that I don’t understand but that doesn’t cloud the joyful gems of creativity that emerge constantly, and these days for him, increasingly collaborate creativity - that are deeply relevant to ALL of us. He lives in another realm and folks are drawn to him like moths to a flame. I believe he will always be secure in his beautiful purity.
Too Much Creative Potential to be Reasonable

Here is a taste - the variety of what he does is hugely VAST! From trainings at MIT, to games with ALL the generations, to a gazillion YouTubes, to increasing collaboration with other artists.

OK - and lovely LOVELY music video from his upcoming Album.
Little Blue

Famous Musician and Composer praising Jacob Collier
Hans Zimmer on Jacob Collier

A very SHORT Gem in YouTube Shorts - employing our full creativity actually grows it in others, more space is made - not less!
Be all of who you are

Oh and I’m eager to check out “your” Rick Rubin

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Kate will be joining this Podcaster Community soon @Steve but I just sent her a screen shot of your offer plus the live Calendly link. We’ve talked about both of us taking your course within the year.

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Eight of us came together today for another uniquely special 30 minutes on all things Podcasting. We didn’t get to everyone though - :crazy_face: :slightly_frowning_face:
Please come back on December 5, 2023. Three new Podcast enthusiasts joined us. @susanne10 Susanne Mueller’s topic My Podcast “Take it from the Ironwoman.” Kate Wright shared her Podcast concept born out of a game she has been developing, and @Suzi Suzi Nou who shared fascinating insights on the balance of marketing and building the podcast (and a lot more). @craigconstantine Craig gave us numerous updates on the structure of the community and a cool move he made (promoting today’s Idea Club in the Workbench) so that EVERYONE would see it - plus his latest on the easiest most effective way to engage with social media to announce our episodes. These notes are cryptic for sure! All participants are welcome to add their followup. Thanks also to the leadership and participation of @CatherineJ Catherine Jaeger, @Hoagie Mark Hockgesang and @ChristiCassidy Christi Cassidy - who somehow makes it to EVERY meeting.
All the best podcasting experiences to everyone - until we meet again.


@Craig and @steveh - I sent Kate this link to Steve’s Podcasting workshop!

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thanks for including me. Now I know when you are meeting. It’s been helpful to hear other podcasters in terms of social media and production.
until next time we meet. “Take it from the Ironwoman”


Yes @susanne10 - so glad you persisted and found us. Hopefully we will enjoy your presence again in December and your input! :grinning:

Thanks for organising @maryjlrowe !
It was good touching base with everyone again after winter. Now that we’re in daylight savings time here in Australia, the times work out a lot better so I’m hoping to see a lot more of everyone.

It’s a shame Kate isn’t in this (social media) group. I recorded a podcast with another podcast producer in our organisation as I am frequently approached by people who are interested in making a podcast. I don’t think its news to anyone but we basically say that it’s not all about the tech and do Steve’s course!

Here’s the link if anyone wants to listen:

See what I did there @craigconstantine :wink: