Dad with Sofa

Hi Everyone, I’m Rob and I joined Pod 6 on a whim. I had some business development going on and thought it might be good to reduce my self consciousness when speaking. It worked, I think, but the rather unexpected side effect was that I now have a weekly podcast called Dad Sofa. It has taught me a lot and has helped me to develop my creativity buds. I am joining this community because I feel it will be a great place to continue to learn and keep in touch with some great people.


hi @Rob how long has your podcast been going?

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Hi @JustJamie
How are you?
I started it at the end of August 2020, so on episode 70 so far.
How are you getting on?

awesome! is it called “Dad with Sofa”?
I believe we met in Pod9 or maybe on Forward link…I know we have chatted. The path I have been on for the last couple of months has me a bit fuzzy. I just know I remember you.

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Yes it is Dad Sofa and it links to
I do remember you. Were you in Writing in Community as well?
I remember names but find it difficult to cross-reference with the workshops!
I usually help out on the Pod ones as a Remarkable.

I was in The Creatives Workshop 1st (fall 2020?) and did The Podcast Workshop (spring 2021)
started the warmups and never did the lessons for The Bootstrappers Workshop (summer 2021) the overlap with The Podcast Workshop made that a crash and burnout. I had a pile of unfinished projects and my bank account was empty. So I just waited tables and battled guilt in my spare time.

I was writing a book in The Creatives Workshop but decided posting a rough draft of chapters was a bad idea.

I joined Forward Link and can’t remember what groups I joined beyond Pod8 alumni. I think that is where I found the Podcast community.

I remember you as a Remarkable.

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