Learn how to get started podcasting with The Podcasting Workshop and Steve Heatherington

The Podcasting Workshop

I love helping people find their voice by using it.

In The Podcasting Wokshop we cover the how-to’s but start with the why. Why do you want to make a podcast? We also consider what is in it for you.

It needs to be something you care enough about to keep going.

If you are interested there are two options - enroll for the next session starting

Monday, September 11th,

or join the wait list to be kept informed about future workshops (Feb and Sept 2024).

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Check out the details here

If it would help you decide if it is a good fit, you can book a zoom call with me to discuss it.

Many thanks,

Steve Heatherington


I’ve said this a lot, but I’ll say it again…

I really appreciate how much work you’ve put into carrying on the Podcasting Workshop, and all the work over the years shepherding the monthly calls!!



What Craig said!

@steveh you blow me away with your ability to shepherd new podcasters and lead a coaching team. I have learned a lot watching you, not just as a podcaster.

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Thank you Kato. It means a lot and you are very kind to say so. Steve :heart:

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