Hello! I'm Terry!

Happy day, all. It’s good to be here.

I’ve been wanting to begin a podcast for some time but just didn’t know how to start. The Podcast Workshop was invaluable in getting me going and I launched the first episode of The Creative Playground a week ago and I’m editing on the second episode right now.

The podcast focuses on providing time and space for listeners to reclaim their creative spark and relearn how to incorporate their creativity into their daily lives. I’m excited about it as it has been part of my creative practice for nine years and something I’ve focused on through leading retreats, workshops, and classes.

I’m here because I think it’s always good to have community of like-minded people with which to share and to give and receive encouragement. I’m 64, live in Tennessee and manifest my creativity through my writing, photography, and now podcasting!

I look forward to working with and learning from you all. Have a lovely day.

Best, Terry


Agree with you about this community’s potential, Terry.

I’ll check out your show, @Storyteller7. Where can it be found?

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Thanks, Adam. I have been sick for all of October and am getting ready to produce a new episode. You can find The Creative Playground on most major podcast services and also at The Creative Playground • A podcast on Anchor

Thank you for asking and have a wonderful day! Best, Terry

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Hope you’re feeling better.

Love that Picasso quote. I did a daily watercolor arts project in 2010 and I used to use that same quote to inspire others to join me in painting too.

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Perfect. Thank you, Adam.

@Storyteller7 …looks like we share some passion…my last book was about a woman who basically lost herself and rediscovers herself by finding her creative passion…the protagonist is a photographer…I believe creativity is a spiritual practice.