Choosing "gateway" episodes of Podtalk?

Do you have any suggestions for good “gateweay” episodes for the #podtalk show?

When I’m inviting guests who have never heard an episode, or who don’t already know me, I was thinking I should add links to a few choice episodes. “If you want to get a taste, try one these…”

Just to add some kick-off ideas, here’s the Simplecast top-10. These are definitely some good ones! …but I love them all. :wink:


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@craigconstantine, I always customize the selections per the potential guest (interests, work, comments in any conversations we’ve had - whether verbal or written), with the main “filter” being what my gut tells me will resonate with them.

The list (I typically share just a few episode options) may only contain two links and may sometime be accompanied by another title or two (and episode numbers). I have zero data on the effectiveness of this practice, but this is what I do.


What do you think about tipping them off even further, e.g. …

  • if you only have xx minutes, take a listen to [name] about [topic]
  • if you’re passionate [or curious] about xx, check out the conversation with [name]
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Excellent idea! Could work exceptionally well with social media promo.


Thanks @David3560 :wink:

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