Can we talk about trailers?


I’m particularly interested in the following, but would love any and all thoughts around trailers

Do you listen to a show’s trailer?

I imagine that the vast majority of new shows (the entire podcast show, not individual episodes) we engage with, are because we found one specific episode. I listen to that episode, then—maaaybe—I listen to more episodes. I don’t recall ever finding a show (“oh, bob has a podcast…”) and then listening to the trailer. But, I’m weird.

Can you share a screenshot showing where you see a trailer?



Here are two shows.

“BAKED in Science” is simply a random show I found by searching—I’ve never listened to this show, so my podplayer ( ) is showing me [I hope] generic [not adjusted specifically to me] info. Below “Follow” I can scroll down and it’s a loooong list of every episode. No sign of a trailer… so maybe they don’t have a trailer. :slight_smile:

Here’s a show I’ve listened to some episodes from. Again, no sign of a trailer…


I hear you @craigconstantine. I have one for my show, but I highly doubt anyone listens. I just use it as an asset to share with potential guests.


I do listen to trailers. Mainly when the podcast is subject based and episodes are long. For example an acquaintance suggest I’ll love a podcast about Beekeeping and every 90 mins long…I’m searching for and listening to that trailer before I try 90mims! :grin:


oh snap! That’s brilliant. …and I’m sure I’ve heard that wisdom before, but I’ve forgotten it. How to quickly get a new guest up to speed is a challenge… but sending them to a well-crafted trailer is brilliant.

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@craigconstantine Well I almost always listen to the Trailer - if one can be found. Love when they are pinned at TOP, as was this …

:thinking: but, is that a podcast?

Because I can’t find “Letters from Camp” in any of the podcast directories…

Search on Podnews:

Search on Podcast Index:

Search on Google’s Index:

This is where I get pedantic because communication is hard enough, without entities like Audible and Spotify using the word “podcast” to mean something different: “Podcasts” are media files delivered via RSS over the public internet. Inside the RSS data file, the RSS “channel” defines a show, and each RSS “item” defines an episodes. @ric @steveh @jey


I usually hear a trailer that’s included as part of a podcast I am listening to, and it does get me to look up the podcast. It works best if the trailer bit is at the end of a podcast I’ve listened to.

There was one trailer that I noticed ahead of the podcast launching, and the title was intriguing and the artwork was great so I clicked and heard the trailer. I subscribed and loved it and shared it with my friends it was so fun. The podcast was Let’s Make a Sci-Fi and it was one of my all-time faves.


@craigconstantine OMGosh - BUSTED! “Letters from Camp” IS NOT a Podcast.
But these are : Thanks so much for the clarification!

What if we used our trailer as message to ourselves? The promise we are making about our show and how we want our listeners to change after hearing it? That could be really helpful when editing and deciding what stays in and what goes.


Yeah yeah! What @Jey said :point_up_2:

You know @craigconstantine - I’m gonna record a flippin trailer THIS WEEK. #goals

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This was one of those items I skipped back at the beginning of TPF3. I just added “create a trailer” to my ongoing list of Podcast mini-projects

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