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Podtalk is short conversations with podcast creators, that are not just about podcasting… because I like to take the scenic route.

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Hello, I’m Craig Constantine. :wave:

In each episode, I talk with podcast creators about their shows, experiences, what they’ve learned, what motivates them, and… well, everything related to podcasting from the indie creator’s point of view.

I hope these episodes spark ideas and conversations for you, and lead to new ways of looking at this wonderful art of podcasting.

My personal mission is creating better conversations to spread understanding and compassion. This podcast is just one of the things I do in service of my mission. Drop by my website constantine.name for my weekly email, my other podcasts, writing and more.

Thanks for listening!



@craigconstantine, I noticed your willingness to use the same title (e.g., education, writing, creativity - and, almost, story[telling][craft]) for more than one episode (with a different guest in each of those episodes). This could have the interesting, eventual, cumulative result of creating clusters of (searchable) podcast content around a theme or topic, which could be very useful for someone looking for episodes around Subject X, addressed from different perspectives. I also noticed that you even broke out of your single word title when it is truly needed (e.g., How hard can it be?). This is such a well-done blend of consistency and flexibility! Just an observation, and a lesson that we can create guidelines but they don’t have to be totally rigid. We need to “give” a bit when that needs to happen.

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