Chicken, Egg? Podcast, Book?

My first book, Lead. Learn. Change., is now available on Amazon!

This book would have never been written if it weren’t for the podcast leapfrogging it (with my podcast being an unexpected endeavor when the book was first started). In addition to making the book better (at least I hope that’s what happened!) the podcast quickly morphed into a full-blown project and transformed into a component of my job.

I can already see that lessons I am learning in PC – as was the case with those learned in TPF3, and POD 4, 5 and 6 (or whichever cohorts I was involved in after #3) - will be connected to podcasting work and other endeavors. (I don’t know if any project I engage in will be disconnected from this point forward. When you work with good people, about good stuff, the connections are simply there.)

At any rate, there are some people here who were in FL, and/or TPF (or a POD with whom I’ve connected on issues related to the core content of the book) so there might be a bit of Podcaster Community interest in the book. If yes, great. If not, that’s okay as well.

This book also would have never been completed without the Akimbo Community, specifically the Writing in Community (cohort 1) group, led by Kristin Hatcher.

One hundred percent of the profits from the sale of Lead. Learn. Change. will be donated to the Allene Magill Memorial Scholarship—overseen by the PAGE Foundation—awarding funds to supporting individuals who are working to become teachers.

If you buy the book, it would be greatly appreciated if you will also spend a few moments posting a positive review. (Only if you can honestly write something positive of course - no sympathy messages :joy:) Commentary and ratings from real readers make an impact on those who are considering a purchase. One of my renewed areas of focus is to designate time, biweekly or monthly, to read and/or listen to colleagues’ work (podcasts, blogs, books) and leave ratings and reviews online. I’m creating a spreadsheet to keep up with this (which has the added purpose and benefit of serving as a podcast guest list as well).

Work will be done to add Lead. Learn. Change. to other outlets as well (such as Apple iBooks). No timeline for that, but it will happen.

Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with me. It would be great to hear your feedback. You can reach me here, or at or . I am always eager to hear if there was a part of the book that resonated with you, and why. Whatever you share will make me think.

Enough info, I’m sure. Just as there will never be a time when there are no guests for a podcast, there is always something going on that we can write about. Our PC forum generates a lot of ideas for both project tracks.

Note: @Robbie, @The_YOGI_MD_Podcast, @Scott @tiltthefuture, Maria Xenidou, @AmandaB, @diane, Isil Uysal Calvelli, Ivana Isailovic, @howardm_89, and Lana Camiel are some of the podcasters who have their fingerprints all over my first book, influencing my work in one way or another.


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