Hello! I'm Jayne

With POD9 drawing to a close, I want to be in an environment where I can continue learning with others traveling the podcast path.


So glad to see you here @Jayne !

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Thank you @thearena. Glad to be here!

I listened to your interview on PodBuffet. It was wonderful. The meaning behind The Arena" is so powerful.

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Welcome to the fray @Jayne! Always room for another mic.

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hi @Jayne what is your podcast about?

it is so hard to keep going after the workshops end…I think the true test happens when we have to rely on some self motivation…we have to be intentional and stay connected to wise others

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Hi @JustJamie thank you for asking. I’m happy to meet you and would love to hear about your podcast!

My podcast is called Mentors by Design. I’m still in practice interviews so a lot is changing.

The premise, that anyone who shares experience to help someone else find a solution is a mentor. I am working to create an environment where they are safely shared. As a starting point, the focus is on career transitions. My hope is to have seasons, to expand to other types of transitions.

I agree it is hard to keep the workshop momentum when we’re in self-motivation mode. But in a way, I’m happy for a slower pace. Time to process and figure out how to incorporate this work with other work-life commitments.

I think I am stuck in transition land!

@justjamie I hear you! I’m also in transition, it’s been and remains a slog. The podcast workshop has helped me with focus. Grateful for the Akimbo community. I’ll be in POD 10 and fingers crossed will ship something.

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it has been a 10 year transition…it started with $3M in damages from owning a Quiznos

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Oh Jamie. I am so sorry to hear this. I am glad you are moving forward, into the upside of transition.

I’ve been in a tragic transition for about seven years, different. The podcast workshop was my first step in moving up in the transition U.

@Jayne we all have our stories of tragedy and loss…pain is pain

and I think freedom is always born (transitions out of) our pain

looking forward to connecting more

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