BEST Podcast (audio + video) recording software nowadays

Hello everyone,

I have been recording online Podcast episodes for the past 2,5 years on Zoom. Reason? I started with that and kept going. Nowadays I experience some bugs like bad audio or video quality when the internet is cut off. Even when the internet isn’t cut off, the video quality isn’t the best. As I am publishing my podcast also on Youtube, video quality became also important to me.

I am looking for another software that I can use to record the episodes. I am looking into and it seems like an okay tool. After reading some reviews I also read that it is overestimated by the company itself compared to ZOOM. Does anyone have experience with

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I like
It’s really good for audio, and it has some useful features.
However, it isn’t always great if the internet link is particularly bad. Especially if you are doing video too. We recently were doing a test using our planning meeting and it told us the link was so bad Riverside turned off the video for the call, but was still uploading the video for the recording.The recording upload still failed, though.

For the meeting we switched over to Zoom and everything was fine for a video call there.

So I would recommend Riverside for the improved quality, but keep Zoom in the back pocket in case of internet woes.

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I use Riverside. I’ve had a few times when I’ve lost a recording so I still do backup recordings. The audio quality is much better than zoom.

I used to use Squadcast but that became very unreliable so switched. Squadcast did have better calendar integration ( I think, it’s been a while since I used it)

I think there’s a lot more newer ones too which I haven’t looked into but others have recommended. I can find the names if you wish?

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Have a look at It just won a Grammy for its tech. I’ve dabbled with it but not used it regularly, mainly cause my podcast is super irregular currently.

A friend saw it open on my laptop a few weeks back and knows the team behind it. He took a photo of my laptop to send to his friend.

Apparently it’s used a bunch for Hollywood artists to record their lines for animated comedies. And is massively undercharging for it. Sounds like it’s worth investigating to me. :slight_smile:

Edit: no video option yet, apologies. I misread the question. #rtfq


I really like Riverside. The quality has been great and supports very good.

I also use