The call-in feature at

I was wondering if anyone has used the live call-in feature at
If you’ve used it, would you mind sharing a bit about the experience, ease of use, etc.?

Thank you.


I think @brucedevereux and @steve are users - any thoughts?

I am considering trying Riverside because they now have what looks like a useful iOS app. But, I still have some credit to use up in Squadcast first before I can justify jumping.

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I haven’t tried the call-in feature yet so can’t comment on it specifically. Overall I have been really happy with Riverside, though.


Tania, I haven’t used it (but I do love Riverside!)

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Thank you, @steveh, @steve, and @JuleKucera.


Hi @taniamarien, I am a big fan of Riverside. I have done some tests with the IOS app and it worked very well. I just did an interview today with a guest in Scotland and it was solid. I also used the new Magic Editor feature and it was very impressive. My guest couldn’t get her mic audio levels up and it was very low. I knew it was recording so I figured I would boost the levels later. I tried the Magic Editor on export and the result was outstanding. Great levels, background noise removed, and fuller sounding voice.


Thank you so much, @brucedevereux. I appreciate your insights.