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I’m creating more clips of my long form materials and creating a schedule for posting. I used Hootsuite years ago. Hootsuite Plans & Pricing | Hootsuite Way too expensive now. I tried a new product Nextiva Social Media Management | Nextiva and even negotiated a great rate, but too complicated. Try Later for posting but not good with LinkedIn. Automating gather is tougher. Hootsuite does it. Sort of a Boolean search What Is a Boolean Search? on channels, people, tags. I was the app to search for me to manage my social media time. What do you know? Share.

My experience (there were good tools, the tools became increasingly expensive, and now the platforms are closing up their APIs so the tools can’t even work) matches yours. So I have nothing useful to add in terms of clever tools that work today.

Hey Danny!

I recently started using a word press, plug-in called FS poster. It can be a little bit confusing to set up, but it does work.

Check it out and definitely check out some of their tutorials to get an idea of what it will do.

I like that it’s a one time purchase, versus a monthly ongoing subscription.


I don’t have much info to share on this. Professionally, we used Hootsuite at Michelin for a time, so it would have been my reco, but hadn’t checked pricing. Nothing else to really add.

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