Podcast Automation

I recorded a full tutorial for my community on the powerful automation tools we can use for podcasts at the moment. A lot of experienced podcasters I know aren’t using them so I thought this might be valuable to share! Welcome any feedback or discussion about great tools that take some of the grind out of the process!

This video is fully time-coded and covers:

:bulb: The idea for your show
:microphone: Equipment and recording
:scissors: Editing your podcast and which combination of tools make it easier
:film_projector: Incorporating and editing video - why you don’t need to pay an editor anymore, whilst still speeding up the process 10x.
:scroll: Transcription
:label: Automating speaker labels
:roll_eyes: Removing all ‘ums’ and ‘uhs’ with the click of one button
:art: Quickly and easily designing any cover art or social media posts
:no_mobile_phones: How to do all social media posting via computer, without needing to use your phone
:moneybag: Why you don’t need to pay for social media management (at the start)
:arrows_clockwise: How to automate your social media posts and Youtube uploads (saved me 50 hours!)
:thinking: Purpose and ‘why’ behind your project, with Luke & Dom’s example.
:arrows_clockwise: The key automation tools for 2022 that will take friction out of the project


Thank you for sharing this @TheDoorman. I am looking through and there are a lot of useful tips and tricks. Some of which I already use and some that I’m gonna flat out steal! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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