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I’ve been at this for quite some time. I have almost 12 years of blog posts newsletters (575), 5 years of podcasts (210), and a year of video (40). Now it’s time for search functions for all my material. I’m interested in your experience. Who’s done it well? Send url and what you like about it? I have done series, and could group episodes into more series. I have a tag cloud. I can sort by publication year and type of media. Talk to me. Here’s my link tree page

That question made me stop… It hadn’t really occurred to me before, but, I don’t use anyone’s search functions as a first place to start. I use DuckDuckGo as my search engine. It leads me right to the page I wanted deep inside somewhere.

So I suppose that makes my answer: Be sure you can find everything you expect to be able to find, by testing with the big search engines. (?)

Say I want a search for # young adults #mental illness in Twitter and LinkedIn that pulls tweets and posts automatically. Say I want to narrow that to when @drjohn or @goofyorg mention them?

The big search engines will search anything that’s public. (It’s of course a balance for the big social platforms to let enough stuff be visible to search engines to attract traffic, while then making it so you can’t actually view said stuff, unless you have an account.)

Anyway, asking google, for example… "mental health"

does what you want (I also tried adding @drjohn and I ended up with just one search result.)

Works with any site… "mental health"

And of course the large-language-models are the next phase of how we’ll be searching human knowledge…

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Yes. Now let’s automate it, so that the app is always looking and pushing to me

You mean Google Alerts?

…wait, sorry, I thought everyone knew you can have Google save a search, and email you when new matching things are found? (it’s like a 20-year-old feature, sorry again.)

Log into your Google Account, then…

interface… Google Alerts - Monitor the Web for interesting new content

and the help is at… Create an alert - Google Search Help

Well it wouldn’t be Google Search, rather Google Social Search. Unfortunately it can’t handle something as simple as “health-hats”. No dashes in their search rules. Thanks for the attention you’ve invested. I’ll keep you posted.