Audio Storytelling Workshop Announced


The Knight Center for Journalism announced a new audio storytelling course yesterday. I took the mini-course version of this, and it was very good. The mini-course was composed of only two 1.5-hour sessions. I suspect this 4-week course to be worth the time and effort. If you’re in the mood for an immersion into audio storytelling, this might be of interest.

Watch the introductory video at:


Thank you for thinking of me - I’m going to check it out. I’ve been very interested in this topic for a long while! Hope you are doing well!

I enjoyed your interview with Craig - I meant to tell you!


Hi Heather, thank you.

I have been tending to my inner journalist this year and have enjoyed what I have been learning through the Knight Center. If you take the workshop, I will see you there!


Thank you @taniamarien. This looks really valuable and I will consider it. Thanks for the share!


I tried to sign up but I reached a dead end when I confirmed my initial registration, I was not brought back to the course, and If I go to register it says I’m registered, but I’m not because I have not paid. Any suggestions?


I experienced something similar. I tried again and I then saw the process all the way through. My interpretation of this (and this is the story I’m telling myself), is that account registration and enrollment are two distinct processes, and that this doesn’t come across clearly to the User. My only suggestion would be to contact them if the problem continues.

Thanks. I contacted them.
I’ll do next one
Thanks for heads up

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