Date for the next Podcasting Workshop?

@steveh, greetings!

A dear friend, who has produced a podcast for several years, is considering a new podcast in a different vein; she is considering the podcasting workshop to help her bring it into being.

Is there a place for her to sign up for updates when said aforementioned is next announced?

With friendliness, :sunflower:


@craigconstantine, I’ve also pointed her here and hope to ease her into the community soon. :)))

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Hi @ShannonMWhitaker

Lovely to hear from you and thanks for wanting to make the connection with your friend.

There is a simple signup link for email updates on the website at

Next cohort starting beginning of April more details to follow soon - working on it this week.

Also happy to have a call with your friend to discuss in advance if that would be helpful - again, link on the website.

Best, Steve

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@steveh, many thanks. :blush: I’ll forward on.

With friendliness!

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