Attention: Bookish worms

@AnnieP here!
We had our first 1/2 hour book club meeting. I am so proud of us. We began and ended on time, for starters. And our title may say book group, but this is not just a reading group–it is a “Doing” group.
The first book we are reading is “The Practice”, by you know who. And in the spirit of something SG said at the bottom of section 12 (“If you want to change your story, change your action(s) first.”

In that spirit of changing my actions I am going to publish my first episode of “Have I Got a Tale to Tell” podcast (everywhere, but Spotify) on March 1, 2022 and write 100 new pages in my novel “A Man of Business” and 50 new pages in my novel “Impudent”, by the time we meet next which is Tuesday, March 2, 2022. (Group members feel free to ask me if I made it.)

Which brings me to my last point:
Everyone is welcome to join. We don’t care which Akimbo ws you took, you can join the book group. All you need to join us is a desire to change or start your “Practice”. Questions? Send them to @maryjlrowe or @AnnieP
We hope you’ll join us.
All the best,
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I was notifying the other Supporting Members of your post.

Your @-mention didn’t send notifications, (one can see it’s only bolded in your message.) When I set things up, that was intentional; that only admins and moderators could @-mention @supporters. Your use of it—the very first by anyone—made me realize I should configure it to let any member of that group, mention the group. Which I’ve now done.

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Ah, ty @craig

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In the spirit of DOING - so enthusiastically embarked on by @AnnieP , these are my commitments!
By March 1st, 2022 - our next and 2nd Book Club Meeting - 2pm Central time!

  1. Episode 8 is Published
  2. Episode 9 & 10 in the Queue
  3. 1st Guilt Juice Cartoon completed
  4. Return (restart) posting graphics to Instagram every day starting Monday 7
  5. A Schedule for the Podcast and Art - be uncompromising with sequestering the required blocks of time! At LEAST 1 hour - 7 to 8 am Daily

Yeah, @maryjlrowe !
AP :disguised_face:

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