A place to share episodes we're listening to and recommend?

Wanted: Discussion, volunteer(s) to help set this up, and do some initial posting/using of it.

This idea came up in Sunday’s Virtual Campfire: Should we / could we have a way here in this community to share great episodes we’re listening to ?


A new category — so everyone can choose to have notifications on or off as they prefer…

Supporting Members can post — we don’t want random people drive-by “hey this episode is awesome!” spamming us…

A topic for an episode — we simply post “hey I liked this episode…” and we’re free to write more if we wish to. Some of us might even get fancy and drop in the link to the episode, or an embedded player if we’re tech savvy…

…and this Discourse platform will do the magic coordinating discussion, and tracking which topics [which is to say, which episodes posted,] are the most interesting based on our engagement.



We’ve a few :heart:s, and I’ve talked in person with a few people… so this feels like a good idea.

Notifications? I’ll set it up without notifications by default. Anyone who wants notifications can easily turn on watching-first-post for the category.

All of which leaves me with just one question: What is the category called?

#podcasts is already in use as a place for our Supporting Members to post about their own shows…

#listen is in use for this community’s own show of conversations about podcasting…

I’d like to find a name for the category that conveys: These are recommendations from people about podcast episodes they have listened to and are now suggesting others might enjoy. . .

Do any of these words jump out as a great name for this new category?

(recommendations of/about what?)

(again, what’s being recommended in here?)

(reflects this is someone posting about something… but almost feels like a news category)

(might be too confusing? people might think things appear in here because people like them somehow via the platform… when it’s really people just posting in a category)

heard or maybe overheard

:thinking: ??