What's inside for our Supporting Members

June 5, 2021

Your support makes this entire project possible. For $55/year you can become a Supporting Member and unlock these extra features and areas.

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“I took the leap and created this space, but I cannot—no one person can—create a community. I’ve put together some combinations of tools and features to enable things I’ve wanted to do, and things I’ve heard others say they wanted to do. But is it a community? Is it your community? That’s up to you, but I hope you’ll join us.”

Craig Constantine

Virtual Campfires


Our Virtual Campfires are monthly gatherings that enable you to share your ideas and passion for podcasting in a social setting. At a Virtual Campfire you can get reenergized, have a laugh, share a story, noodle a problem in a breakout room, or just bask in the glow of some camaraderie.

Each month, on the second Sunday at 3pm Eastern, we gather in a Zoom call. The video recordings are posted in the #campfires category. What are you waiting for?

Workbench Category


The Workbench Category is the big work table in the middle of it all. As a Supporting Member any topic you create in the Workbench category is given more attention and seen by more people which invites others’ impressions, input and critique.

You can toss just about anything up as a topic in the Workbench Category: New ideas for a podcast show you’re imagining, technical questions or deep dives, cover art designs and comparisons, show titles, questions about editing, and anything else related to creating podcasts.

pod-talk 375

Extras for the Podtalk podcast

Each episode is short, but it’s still difficult to get the most out of each episode. Our Supporting Members have access to edited transcripts, key take-aways, quotes and whatever else Craig finds interesting as he works through the episodes.

With over 100 episodes, there’s a lot to search through.

(Have you tried the :mag: search icon in the upper-right? It searches everything in this community.)

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"As a relatively new podcaster, it’s important to me to continuously learn and improve what I am offering to my listeners. Becoming a member gives me access to an active, generous podcasting community, as well as the resources and discussions about content, process and tech. Easy decision."

Linda McLachlan
Host, Producer & Editor, The Arena

Community Calendar

We have a coordinated, single calendar which you can add to your favorite calendaring setup — whether you use Google’s app, or another calendaring app on your computer, phone, etc… At a glance you can see everything coming up in the community.

Life is complicated and scheduling everything is difficult. But seeing the Podcaster Community events in your schedule isn’t difficult — click, subscribe calendar, done. You still have to make it to the events, but knowing is half the battle!

Journals Category


Our Journals Category is a semi-private space, visible only to you and the other Supporting Members. If you’re familiar with using “dailies” to move your work forward, you can use the Journals Category for accountability and practice. You can post topics there with your writing-in-progress, audio files, experiments, ongoing notes, or whatever you can imagine to get those ideas out of your head and into the world.

Other Private Spaces

Supporting Members have access to additional categories that aren’t visible to the public. There’s space for random discussions, as well discussing the direction of the community itself.

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"Podcasting can be a lonely experience without friends who understand its unique challenges. Being part of a community of podcasters who are all at different points along their journey offers an opportunity to learn and grow together by supporting, celebrating, sharing knowledge, and forging friendships. I’m so in."

Boston Blake
Host, Producer & Editor, Mythic

All-access pass

There are also some categories which are publicly visible but in which only the Supporting Members can create new topics. You can post your show in the Supporters Podcasts category, and introduce yourself (and even pitch your stuff) in the Introductions category. The system is configured so topics in those categories are seen by more people to help your stuff get seen by more people.


There are groups which our Supporting Members can freely join. Once you have joined a group, you can mention it in posts and the system will send the other group members notifications. You can also use groups for private messaging. You can assemble with others to work, collaborate, and communicate however and whenever you wish.

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"Do you want to create a podcast? Do you already have a podcast and want to keep on learning? Either way, interacting with others in the Podcaster Community will address your questions, provide opportunities to receive and generate feedback, and cultivate true relationships with others on the podcasting path. Membership is a great idea that will uncover as many benefits as you need."

David W. Reynolds
Creator and Host of Lead, Learn, Change

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