A few tech questions re: RSS feeds

As a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia pre-covid, I started a podcast as a tool to help PCVs facilitate positive living support group meetings with HIV+ people throughout rural Zambia (and technically in any country where PC operates) in local languages.


Originally, it was one feed with a mash of different language versions of the same episodes. Not great for someone like me who likes organization.

Using the Blubrry plugin in Wordpress, I’ve now made it multiple separate feeds, one for each language, but I’m unsure about how or if this might crowd search results by having different versions of the same show?

Also, I’ve just submitted the feeds to Apple. Should I now submit through any other major distributors manually? Also, which others are worth the time? Maybe Apple’s is enough because the audience for this show is not necessarily large and I’m not attempting to really “get it out there” so to speak, beyond just being searchable for those who care… I guess that answers my 2nd question.

A 3rd question, in Apple’s Podcast Connect, I don’t see a way to edit the podcast description. Can I? I’d like to add more context to the newer feeds I just added rather quickly (similar to all that can be read on my first old feed through Soundcloud). Might the only way be to now actually delete them from the listing and then re-submit?

Thanks for your support. Appreciate this space.

(Side question: Is there a tech category or logistics tag? Didn’t see, couldn’t add)

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Hi @AdamGreenberg . I’m not an expert on RSS but as long as you are not worried about harvesting download stats then I don’t think multiple feeds matter much but you should consider each version a different show from a tech point of view. That’s a lot of work!

Yes, you should because some places like Spotify don’t use RSS and so don’t crawl Apple. I think Amazon requires registration for inclusion to Audible. Anyway, check out this guide for the essentials so you can decide.

You usually edit your podcast description from whatever service is hosting your audio files and generate the RSS. So I think you need to figure out how you do this from your Wordpress site. That being said Apple podcasts have their own weird way of displaying descriptions - so you might find your description appears differently on Apple than anywhere else.

My podcast host, Libsyn, has two fields for podcast description - one for Apple and another for everyone else! That being said it’s ultimately contained in the RSS feed so maybe figuring out the way to edit that might help.


Thank you, @Jey. That was helpful. Yes, I see the way to edit in WordPress now. Cheers!

There is now. Great suggestion!


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