Motivation - with Adam Greenberg

Motivation, podcast technology, and volunteerism




Thanks for having me, Craig. This was fun to do. Thought I’d say thanks here.

You know, we recorded this at a good time; it has helped me realize that I would like to do more such chats with people like this show. Thanks for the inspiration.


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Here’s the podcast link, for those curious -

HIV Positive Voices: Worldwide is an unofficial podcast of Peace Corps Volunteers working with Positive Living support groups.

These testimonies in local language are intended as a tool for PCVs to help facilitate stories, discussion, and reflection during support group meetings of people living with HIV/AIDS, often in rural, hard-to-reach areas.

This growing archive also serves to honor the stories, memories, and lives of our friends.

PCVs may use the English translation following each testimony (and written in each episode description) to record these testimonies again in local language for use with support groups in any Peace Corps country. In fact, we encourage it. We also encourage you to record NEW testimonies with your own support groups for inclusion here. May be anonymous or public.

Disclaimer : This unofficial podcast does not necessarily represent the views, beliefs, or opinions of the United States Peace Corps nor any government.

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