RSS feed nit with Buzzsprout?

I’m off in the weeds, but has anyone noticed anything, ever, with Buzzsprout’s RSS feeds?

I was hunting for @Kira’s show, The Void Project in Podchaser, but it’s not there. Which is weird because Podchaser pretty much crawls and lists everything.

So I tried to submit the RSS feed URL as a “go get this” hint, but Podchaser whined that there’s no parsable feed found. I see that Castfeed Validator has a nit about there being no Link in the first Item (which is valid that’s-broken point, but doesn’t make the feed unusably broken in my opinion)

I fired off a message to to point out their feed validation may be overly nit-picky. But I don’t expect them to understand I’m trying to help Podchaser improve :wink:

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…knock me over with a feather. A real person wrote back from Podchaser saying they’ve added the URL for auto-crawling.



Thanks, Craig, for flagging this. :pray: Though I haven’t put much effort into marketing, one would expect some of the most basic things around visibility and findability to simply work.

I just sent a note to Buzzsprout’s help desk to see what they have to say about the results you found. I’ll keep you posted. I’m interested to learn from others, too, if they have a sense of what might be going on.

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@craigconstantine ,

:feather: So, you’re more persuasive than you might have known? :feather:

Here’s what I heard back from Buzzsprout:

Thanks for reaching out! Everything in your RSS feed looks great from our end! The feed validator is saying you do not have a website address in your feed, which you can decide to add if you would like to. You can add that by going to Podcast Info > Advanced > Your Website Address.

Otherwise, everything looks great and these other errors will not impact your show at all. Let me know if you need anything else!

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Unfortunately, I still am unable to find The Void Project within ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It’s not important, I was simply going to mark myself as being in that episode which keeps my creator page up to date…

Search doesn’t seem to find it easily but it is there

The preview suggests no episodes but the episodes are there…

Another mystery without easy answers

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