What's that on the waveform?

Encouraged by an old Monty Python episode (“What’s on the telly?”) I thought it would be fun to have a show & tell for “What’s on the waveform?”

Here’s one:

@craig I have no idea how to tag podcasters, when I type @ then start tying pod, the suggested completion is the lovely YOGI MD podcast. (A wonderful podcast, but not what I was intending this time.)


Re tagging podcasters: Every here is a podcaster :slight_smile: so everyone’s preferences for notifications for the topic determine what happens. But default everyone has watching-first-post on #public:pod-tech … they can turn that off of course… but by default everyone gets notified. :slight_smile:

Re what is that? My swag would be the quiet, periodic ticking caused by the radio gear in a nearby cellphone. I’ve found—the hard way—that having a phone not in airplane mode, and placed on the table with my recording gear… makes a tic-tic-tic-tic periodically. Then there’s silence for a while, then tic-tic-tic-tic. Pretty quiet, but I bet it would look like that.

…otoh, if you know it was the hammering. Well, then :slight_smile:


National Early Warning System - telling us there was about to be a flash flood.

It actually fit beautifully with what we were discussing. I’m keeping it. :laughing:

Thanks for starting this thread @JuleKucera !


omg, maybe we should move this to #snapshots :laughing:


Linda, that is so cool that you’re keeping it!!


Craig, I was looking for the snapshots place and couldn’t find it. I realized I need to look at the site map, not the categories. Fine with me if you want to move it.

And it was hammering! After ‘legal hours for construction’ in my condo building. So, I did what multi-tenant dwellers have done since forever–I banged on the wall. The hammering stopped!