IDEA CLUB Meets Tuesday - 2/6/24

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Hope you can join us on the first Tuesday, February 6, 2024, for the always insightful Idea Club. Bring your ideas and thoughts about podcasting, and we’ll have a conversation!

All are welcome!

Join the meeting using this Zoom link:


What happens during the 30-minute ZOOM Idea Club?

1. LOTS! First we “set-up” during which participants enter their IDEA into the Chat.
2. Your prep is to come with an idea in mind. SOMETHING, ANYTHING relevant to Podcasting.
3. Then we select from our ideas, one by one, and discuss.
This means, we succinctly share our idea and initiate a short group discussion. When that person is finished, they select the next person.
4. ONLY 30 minutes. We promise! :grin: SEE YOU SOON

Mark your calendar!


@ChristiCassidy - very happy that this 30 minute gathering will shine and illumine my afternoon next Tuesday! YAY!

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