Titles of episodes

Question to those with experience!

What is I change the titles of my episodes?
What impact will it have?

Most of my episodes include guests and I think that it would be good to mention them in the title, also I want to number them as it is easier for someone to find an episode.

Also, there is an option of creating “seasons”, and as I haven’t uploaded an episode for some months (before summer), I thought it would be a great idea to create the new ones as a new season. The spiring-summer time is too busy for me and I will probably stop again next year.

Wouldnt that be helpful for people to know that my podcast are for certain periods?

Hope this Q helps also anyone that might thought of this!

Thank you in advance


I am not 100% sure of the answer to this question. It would impact anywhere that you have a link to your episode ie to your website if you’re changing the name of the episode.

The numbering is usually done at the hosting level. There’s usually a drop down to indicate which episode # this is. If you include the number also in the name, you’ll end up with:

#32 32. John Smith - Thinking Outloud.

I hope that makes sense?

Yes, I do ‘seasons’ so I can step away at certain points to take a break, focus on outreacy and interviews rather than editing, etc.

Again, on your podcast host, there is the option to select the season # and then the episodes. (I just continue with the chronological number rather than starting again at 1 for each season. I hope that makes sense.

It’s helpful for people to understand that you might take breaks if you offer seasons - and of course tell them so at the end of the season "I’m taking a little break until… and give them a time frame if you wish.

Good luck @artemisgavriilidou


I’m not sure of the answers to all of your questions, except don’t add the episode number to the titles as Apple hates that. It’s somewhere in their advice that they don’t want those numbers, so we can assume that it hurts you in their discovery algorithms.
In some ways, I feel with podcasting that going back and making changes to past episodes isn’t that useful. The motion is forward and time doesn’t stop.


This keeps coming back as a question for podcasters - I have done both but currently don’t include episode numbers. There is a useful article here but is from 2019.

Most of the apps don’t make use of the episode number tag.

Who are the “someone” s for you - brand new listeners or current? When might you use the episode number to point people to rather than provide a clickable link?

Interesting question though Artemis