A new title for the companion podcast?

I’ve lately been thinking of changing the name of this community’s companion podcast. Today I read this article, and thought, “it’s time to put this on the workbench.”

To be clear…

I’m talking about the podcast — not renaming the entire community, Forum or anything else. I’m talking about renaming the podcast…


My thoughts on a new name…

I very much want to keep the current logo/icon and colors. So the “P” of the logo has to continue to make sense.

Conversations About Podcasting — An obvious thought, but to my astonishment, this is not the title of an existing podcast?! I think the “about” is important, since “podcasting conversations” has a few possible meanings.

Conversations Around Podcasting — An alternative would be “Conversations Around Podcasting” which explains both what it is, and hints at the scenic route.

The Scenic Route — A phrase I use in the show opening, which I get lots of positive feedback about. But there are lots of shows using this phrase. “The scenic route to podcasting” is not in use, but feels too long.

Thoughts @supporters ?


YES YES to Conversations Around Podcasting - the “around” does indeed carry a journey, touring, exploring, “scenic route” connotation - not quite present in “about”


I like Conversations about Podcasting. Simple, self-explanatory & inviting.

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I’m all in for “Conversations About Podcasting.”

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“P is for Podcasting”
The word conversation(s) is implied. Podcasting is an auditory/verbal medium vs vlogging. Keeping it bright and simple means it is memorable and you can pick and choose topics–I can’t remember if you are producing weekly, monthly, ?.

As in Monday could be technical (software, mics, producing in the field), Tuesday would be celebratory, Wednesday would be editing, like so…


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…that’s an interesting new direction I’d not thought of. I like the idea of “bright and simple”.

As for topics and frequency — there’s no structure. I publish when people schedule in (although, currently taking weeks off thanks to illness) and we talk about whatever comes up.

“Conversations About Podcasting” is certainly simple and straightforward. (It does exactly what it says on the tin, so to speak.) But it’s a mouthful of syllables.

Forgive my bluntness, dude @craigconstantine that title is a snore and a mouthful as I can attest with my title which is a yard and a half too long.

Bluntness is fine. I don’t like “P is for Podcasting” :slight_smile:

I’m always leery, as my ideas are always too clever by half. But the word “conversation[s]” in a title is certainly dry. I’d rather have bright, clever, or droll.

Good point about “conversations.”

Podtalk? :thinking:

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How about “The Podcaster’s Podcast.”

or P2(squared)

Rollup of some of the ideas…

These are “it says what it is” but are long and dry…

  • Conversations about podcasting
  • Conversations around podcasting

Fun ideas that are fun or uncommon…

  • P2 (as in p-squared, or P^2 or something)
  • P is for Podcasting

Mark mentioned “The Podcaster’s Podcast” — another clear “it is what it says”. My instinct is that’s a little to repetitive sounding.

Ron mentioned “Podtalk”. I was talking with @ChristiCassidy (in a POD11 zoom) and we got to talking about this—the idea of using “talk” or “chat” is nicer than “conversation” in a title.

Podtalk” and “Pod Talk” are pretty common titles — but strangely there are no large or active shows using it. Several stale shows (started in 2020, 2021, 3 or so episodes and stopped). There is a single show currently active, started in 2022, using green cover art and not in English (ie not at all confusingly similar) So I think this would be a possible title too. My only concern here is if you search for “podtalk” you don’t find the Pod Talk shows, and vice versa (so which we chose might be a little harder to find than necessary). But I don’t think that’s a deal breaker.

…and domain names matter, but I’m not super-concerned. Currently the podcast has a dedicated website, hosted by Simplecast at, https://listen.podcaster.community. Once we have a new name, I’ll get some domain and move that website also.

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Pod Talk would then have show cover art something like…


@supporters any other input on this topic?


I like it, @craigconstantine - think it looks good, catchy enough to remember, clear as to what it is. And really, open enough so that you could expand it down the line, include reviews if you wanted to, etc.

I do like it, though the ‘C’ in the ‘P’ does make it look like ‘cod talk’!
Maybe a little too fishy? :rofl:


teehee… yeah, I’ll try putting the words in red to see if that makes one read the ‘P’ instead of the ‘c’.

Well, I think the “c” still reads pretty clearly, but making “od” match the red makes the “Pod” more obvious. Here’s it is as it would be seen…

It’s not the worst show cover art I’ve ever seen. At the very least, it needs a little more margin; It needs a few more pixels of the yellow background showing. What I really should do is head to Fivrr.com or something.

@branderman any thoughts on all of this :slight_smile:

Hola @craigconstantine!!!
Here are my two cents on the new cover art.
All the best!

PS: Yesterday I edited a new episode of my podcast after six months! Your call was very timely. :wink:


Congrats on the the episode!!

…and thanks for knocking that together. I’m constantly reminded why I should never be allowed to play with design. :stuck_out_tongue:

To those who don’t know @branderman … check this out…

@AnnieP Simple? Fun? …I’m feeling like Hernán just tipped this to be the winning name . . .

@supporters any final thoughts?