This is guest outreach!

I believe that (for those of us who have guests on our podcasts) guest outreach—the really hard work of doing the empathic connecting—is the gift we’re really giving to the world.

Just reading the episode notes (I’ve not listened to the episode) on the following is a tour de force on empathic outreach…


Thanks Craig,

At the end of that article is a link to the Dart Center which seems to have a lot of resources to help with trauma- informed interviewing.

I recently interviewed a colleague of mine, an emergency physician whose son died from anaphylaxis. He was involved with resuscitating his son and very aware of what needed to be done and what wasn’t done that should have been.

It was one of the toughest conversations I’ve had. There’s lots of things I could have asked but didn’t. I’m going to have a closer look at the Dart Centre. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for sharing this, @craigconstantine . The accident alone sounds devastating – a true worst case scenario. I’ve never thought about potentially harming someone I interview, so I appreciate the light bulb about how past trauma could affect someone who’s being interviewed. In a couple of episodes of my podcast my guest and I ventured into the topic of death because it’s a topic they think a lot about so it was natural to go there. What will be interesting is hearing how listeners respond… if they choose to share their reactions at all.

@Suzi , I can only imagine. Tough stuff. If it was for your podcast, will you post here when it goes live? Please tag me if so.


Thanks @Kira,

Will do.
Although I have many earlier episodes that need to be edited, I am bumping this up the ‘queue’ so to speak. I’m finding the idea of editing it and doing the intro etc heavy going and just want it published so I can move on. I’m lucky I can move on, unlike my colleague.

What is your podcast? What is it about?

I’ll let you know once this episode is published.

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The Void Project. I interview people about what they discovered about themselves and their values after they’ve removing excess and/or clutter from their lives, or helped others to do so.

Just ten episodes, as it was my “starter” podcast while in the last Akimbo course on podcasting. There’s one last bonus issue to release.

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Hi @Kira,

The podcast was published this morning. Definitely the hardest episode I have ever recorded and I am relieved to have it shipped.

I listened to another podcaster talk about the same incident and he also started by saying he would have trouble keeping himself together. At least we are all united in finding this not an easy subject to talk about.

Please feel free to let me know what you think:

In case that link doesn’t work: Ep78. AMAX4 - a cognitive aid for anaphylaxis with Dr Ben McKenzie - Australian Anaesthesia


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