The Practice - Book Club - 1st Zoom on Tuesday 2/1/2022

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It’s a BOOK CLUB - organized to study The Practice by Seth Godin

We meet by ZOOM on the First Tuesday of every month for 11 months starting
Tuesday, February 1, 2022 and ending on Tuesday December 6.
See FULL Schedule and Zoom Link below.

Organizing a Conspiracy
Seth Godin, author of The Practice, has a special take on “organizing a conspiracy.”
He says it is fuel for our art. Think PODCAST. Join us to find out more and start using that fuel. Since the heart of The Practice is DOING THE WORK, we will of course check-in monthly, on BOTH our reading and our work!

Who is this for?
EVERYONE in the Podcaster Community is invited but membership is NOT required so you are welcome to share this invitation with other friends as well.

Meeting Agenda

  • We meet 1st Tuesday of the month until Dec 6, 2022. This was voted on in a Poll.
  • We meet for 30 min from 2:00 - 2:30 pm US Central Time. See your time zone below.
  • 5 minutes - Meeting Introduction by Mary Rowe
  • 5 minutes - Presentation on scheduled Chapters - different presenter each week
  • 10 minutes - Breakout rooms to discuss scheduled Chapters
  • 5 minutes - Share Ah-ha moment from the breakout sessions & answer questions
  • 5 minutes - Select next months presenter **Everyone who participates in the book group will have their name tossed in “the hat” and has a chance to be a presenter.
    Questions? Send them to @maryjlrowe or @AnnieP

Meeting Time

ZOOM Invitation
Mary Rowe is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID: 853 7074 5648
Passcode: 018987

Feb 1, Chapters 1 - 19 up to page 27 (Annie Parnell)
Mar 1, Chapters 20 - 39 up to page 49
Apr 5, Chapters 40 - 59 up to page 71
May 3, Chapters 60 - 79 up to page 93
Jun 7, Chapters 80 - 99 up to page 121
Jul 5, Chapters 100 - 119 up to page 143
Aug 2, Chapters 120 - 139 up to page 164
Sep 6, Chapters 140 - 159 up to page 184
Oct 4, Chapters 160 - 179 up to page 203
Nov 1, Chapters 180 - 199 up to page 228
Dec 6, Chapters 200 - 219 up to page 250

See the original Launch Announcement here.

I also added a comment on the Google Calendar item you created. You have it set to Feb 22 at the moment. If you update that within Google, the Podcaster Community’s calendar will update automatically.


@Craig - OK - fixed the Google Calendar. I saw two Listings - my original and the Podcaster Community one. I’m guessing that’s normal? Mine was editable. :+1:

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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ …but it is now correct in the PodComm community calendar.


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Oh good!

one of those is your event, in your personal Google calendar.

the other is the event you see being fed to you because you’ve subscribed to PodComm’s published calendar.

you invited the user to your personal event. (the rigth thing to do)

when team@podcomm accepted (I clicked yes) you see the event in both places.

no one else sees your personal event, so everyone just sees the one in the podcomm published calendar


Our Meeting Room on ZOOM for Bookclub in 10 minutes is NOW open.

Meeting ID 853 7074 5648
Passcode 018987

@bookclub The Practice - We met!
February’s Meeting is now history!
5 of us blinked in for a productive, insightful, 30 minute meeting. We have different goals.
Some of us will establish our Practice, escape our Practice, or discover a new Practice. If you can relate, consider joining the next meeting, Tuesday March 1, 2022 from 2 to 2:30 Central.


Brava! :clap::clap::clap:

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@Anna this should give you the link for Tuesday the 5, let me know if it doesn’t