Terra's thoughts on resilience

I believe there’s something special about the medium of audio. Just audio for audio’s sake. We’ve been playing music and listening for our entire history. Sure, we sometimes dance, and we sometimes add music to other things. But mostly what we do with music is listen.

What mostly impresses me about Evo Terra is his long-term consistency. “drip drip drip” as we’ve all heard it said. But this thought of his is definitely on the “great point” pile.

For the most part, podcasting has proven to be a rather resilient medium. Many of podcasting’s purported disruptors have either fizzled out or remain little more than a curiosity. So to will the next.

~ Evo Terra from, Keeping Your Podcast Distraction-Free

It’s been said around here that when we wonder “should this part stay or go?” or “should I add this bell or whistle?” … we apply the razor: Does it distract from the listener’s experience or add to it. We know it’s all about the listener.

What’s currently distracting you from doing the part of podcasting that matters most: Creating a great experience for the listener?

(…for me, it’s most often worrying about how to pay for my various ventures.)

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