Communication - with Andrea Wojnicki

Listening, growth mindset, and self-assessment




If you enjoyed the episode, this will make sense…


Great conversation with @Andrea-TalkAboutTalk! I want to hear more … :clap:

Now about your screenshot: looks like Hindenburg but who knows. Also, tell me what you did to edit the bottom part of the recording… it looks like a lot of work on the sound / volume. Call me curious :face_with_monocle:

I can’t remember if you used Zoom or Zencaster or … ? to record our two tracks when we talked last fall.

Inquiring Minds

Yes, that’s Hindenburg.

Select the audio clipping and press cmd-shift-L for auto-leveling *boom!* done. :metal:

Every episode [with a guest] of the Podcaster Community show has been recorded with — that’s how I get .wav files from the guests’ sides.


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Thanks :pray:t3: @craig
I appreciate the shortcut. When I choose magic levels (I’m not working on a recording at the moment), it doesn’t fine tune like that.

Zoom also records two tracks. My only complaint is that sometimes moments in conversation drop or there may be artifacts I can’t explain.

I have an important (to me) interview set for Tuesday. I want to make sure I get it right!

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Superb conversation @Andrea-TalkAboutTalk and @craig

“Arrogant people are not learning, they are defending what they know.” - thank you. So many deep insights.

And congratulations Craig - 100 episodes!!! As we say in North-West London - RESPECT :pray: :clap: :clap: :clap:


Is that in Buzzsprout @Lovelace? Buzzsprout magic mastering is really under the hood. And Auphonic should be producing results as well as Hindenburg. It’s actually a process called Loudness Normalization.

Let me know if you need any help with this process.

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Looks like a pretty fair dialogue, @craig !!! :speaking_head: :speaking_head:


Thank you, @Jey !
Talking with @craig is easy!


Such an HONOR to be your centennial episode, @craig !
Thank you. :pray:

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Thank you :pray:t3: Maybe it’s auto level in Hindenburg? I need to check when I open Hindenburg next.

I’m using Auphonic on all the recordings as the last step. Is this redundant?

Still learning (although I no longer use Audacity.)

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Never redundant @Lovelace !! :grinning: The algorithm in Auphonic is very good at getting the levels balanced so I’m surprised if you are not getting the results you are happy with. I don’t have any knowledge of Hindenburg I’m afraid.

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Thank you again. I’m not unhappy with the results from Auphonic and I find Hindenburg user-friendly for recording and editing. :star_struck:

It’s Zoom sometimes dropping bits of the recordings that frustrates me. I need to look at other options.

Ah! I understand @Lovelace.

I’m experimenting with Zencaster’s free plan. They give us 128kbs mp3 files on seperate tracks which is much better than Zoom’s audio. Plus it’s a double-ender recorder which means that it’s less affected by poor internet connections. It’s not perfect but worth trying at that price!