Hello again!

Hello to you all podcasters!!

This last weekend, I visited an exhibition of my industry (coffee) and although I had in mind to continue with my podcast (which is abandoned), I was still on the path of “thought”, 4 different persons asked me “will you continue the podcast Artemis?”, and there I said, ok, here is your answer, start again, continue. And yes, I want to!

But to be honest, I have completely forgotten how to record, how to edit, how, how?
Plus, now I will do it with MAC, so I don’t know that even if I remember what I was doing, will it work with MAC?

I sound a little desperate, but I am not the kind of people that get desperate… LOL!

Just sharing and any advice is most welcome!!

My kisses to you all and Happy Valentine’s day :grin: :grin: :grin:


I’m not familiar with a MAC … but I believe you got this! You’ll make it happen!


I’ve been doing podcasts on a Mac for a decade. Nowadays I think it’s even possible on a Chromebook or a good smartphone!
I’d suggest playing with Descript to see how new tools can help with the process. Ultimately you can use whatever tools you find fit you best, but moving towards doing less grunt/audio work will let you spend more time focusing on making better podcast episodes.
Get started!


Hi @artemisgavriilidou

Happy to have a chat if it would help.

It is even better on a Mac - bias alert but I think it is true.

Start simple and small -

I like @Mark’s idea of Descript.

Audacity has changed since you last used it and would need to be relearned but the principles you have already are transferable. Use the learning curve to go even further and have less tedious work. It is going to be a little painful whichever direction you go.

Starter suggestions

  • small repetitions promote quick progress. Record a short piece every day for a week to build confidence and awake muscle memory - even if you never share it.
  • record as well as you can to simplify post-production fixes and reduce editing time
  • keep it simple and repeatable - you can get fancy later
  • no rules but yours
  • revisit why you want to podcast and the change you are seeking to make. Capture it in whatever form helps - probably written down.
  • if you have specific questions we can help.

It’s moving to see your post, the candor, the transparency, the ask for help. Bravo, and thanks for the fine example.

Mark’s and Steve’s recommendations – yes!


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