Show your work?

I recently re-read Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work. I liked it years ago — but this page really struck me on this re-reading…

Show your work

I’m starting a dedicated effort to daily show my work… the things that go into the making of the finished things.

However, since podcasting is only one part of what I do, it doesn’t make sense to post everything here in the Podcaster Community. If you want to see all of my work, there are lots of ways to follow me.

Today’s show-my-work

Today’s was podcasting related, so worth sharing here…

Building tools — Currently in my personal knowledge system I have notes on ~400 audio recordings. (Raw recordings I’ve done, podcasts of my own I’ve published, other shows I’ve been on, etc.) That can be my episode notes and writing, but also program-readable meta information. Today, I spent time writing some new tooling to help me sort out transcripts (which recordings have them, which have been sent out, etc.)

Hit reply and show your work!


Okay, I see that gauntlet, @craigconstantine and am impressed. Mine definitely meanders in a different direction, but here you go. And yes, the main country my guest has been discussing–Colombia–is misspelled in my notes!


OK so I’m getting ready to launch my new podcast. It’s been in development for a couple of years and might take a decade or so before I actually launch because…um…I’m useless. Sigh.

I need accountability, help! Anyway here’s part of my draft WordPress blog that I’ve created so far.

Thanks @craigconstantine and the rest of this gang, you are all awesome.

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Oh, happy days, what a delightful surprise to find on my Wednesday morning!

Except for that “I’m useless” part. That’s just imposter syndrome. Can’t wait to see what you create and please tell me how I can help! :smiley:


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I’ve been continuing to post my (not always pocasting) work.

Does anyone else do this sort of Seth-and-Kleon-inspired posting? (Because I’d like to follow it if you do.)