Podcast Production Workflow - Saas product to save you a ton of time!


Are you tired of switching between multiple tools (spreadsheets, e-mail, campaign tools) in your podcast production workflow, in doing things like: invite guests to your podcast, tracking their responses and following up with them, collaborating with them to get ready for the recording (passing ideas / questions back and forth), etc?

Purpose of this post
I’m looking to build a Saas product to streamline and automate the podcast production workflow to help podcasters like you spend less time on these manual tasks and more time on more quality work to grow your podcast.

What you can do to help:
Please share your current workflow, tools that you currently use, and challenges/pain points in the current workflow.

What’s in it for you:
If you can share your current workflow and help me understand the pain points in your current workflow, I’d love to offer you free access to the solution I’m building for a few months.

Share your checklists surfaced a few different people’s ideas. It would be awesome to see your idea developed!

Also, How to Organize Audios? touches on the problem of keeping track of things — unique recording identifiers, folder names, etc.

Two episodes of PodtalkProcess - with Julie Duffy and Process - with James Fricker also come to mind. Also, some insight into how I work is scattered throughout Field recording at Art of Retreat 2022

Finally, re tools: A search for “tools” here gives a huge splat of random things. I use Basecamp.com for multi-person project management style tracking of larger-work episodes. In Basecamp—but they’re simply documents, not functioning checklists of todos—I also maintain my pre-/post-production checklists for the different shows that I do. Finally, I have an enormous spreadsheet for managing my guest outreach (sorry, no I don’t share it—but I’m happy to talk about it.)



Hey, I like the way you’re thinking about the production management protocol to take it to the next level. Kindly share what you’re learning as you create the next big solution.:+1:t5:

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