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@craig - When I click on the bookmarked (Favorites) link, I receive this message. Every time.

Yet, when I move through the bookmarking process, it appears that everything is working properly. I have about a dozen podcast sites bookmarked and when selecting them I am seamlessly linked to the intended page. Any ideas about how to fix this? Other than keeping a tab open for Podcasting Community at all times, I would like to easily navigate to the site with a single click from my Favorites.

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Thanks for pointing this out. It’s frustrating when things don’t Just Work™.

I can see your bookmark has the address (note the www )

There isn’t anything at the hostname, www. This site’s URL is…

…and I keep thinking I should get around to standing up a little web service that enable me to answer for a bunch of common mis-named URLs and send people to the right place… (there’s no such web site) (dne) (dne)

The next two do bounce you to the correct places—if you look closely at your browser location, it will change to forum. after you click one of these (note the missing S in https:)

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Helpful reply (and interesting) because when I am bookmarking the site it is from the forum. page. I will redo and see what happens. Gracias.

Crikey! Hazards of admin powers... I pressed the pencil icon, on your reply, instead of the **reply** icon. Then I went on to completely replace your reply, with what I wanted to write! …fortunately, there's an undo history feature. I point this out, juuuuuust in case anyone notices and wonders what's up.

…you may be able to edit the address of the existing bookmark. Perhaps by right-clicking?

Done. In Chrome and Safari.

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