Help troubleshooting my "Open + Curious" show's findability

Could you grab your preferred method of listening to podcasts…

Search for “Open + Curious”

…and tell me if you can find the active show?

The newest episode is titled Curiouser and curiouser and there are 11 episodes in the show feed.


Why / What’s the mess? This show used to be hosted via Substack. I’m seeing platforms where the show is findable, but it’s a sort of dead version of the show. The old/dead feed is an URL. The current/live feed is an URL. *sad-trombone* Substack doesn’t provide forever-redirects for your old feed URLs if you move away. :frowning:



Yes. I use iCatcher and it comes right up with all 11 episodes


Google Podcasts for me, and it was there- I just didn’t recognize the art at first. Eleven episodes, Curiouser and curiouser on top.

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James Cridland (of also responded to an email I’ve sent him. He forced a refresh on Podnews, so now I can also see/use their tools…

TIP: You should go there and find your own show. has nothing to do with whether anyone can find/listen to your show. But Podnews has an INSANE amount of useful information about every podcast. For example, what directories is the show appearing in, statistics, websites… a ton.


Ooh! That was fun! It felt like a party game. @craigconstantine

Apple Podcasts all there -assuming trailer one of the 11.
Ecosia search engine - 4th result for the website
Podchaser - 9 episodes last one in August described as idle

Pod news - before January this was hosted on Substack

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A good catch Steve! is tracking the stale/dead URL still. (They’ve a way to ask that get fixed, which I’ve done.)

Podnews also warns it’s not in Spotify — except, when I go to my catalog of shows that I control, in Spotify, it shows it’s in there. I can find it on’s web site… but I’ve had someone tell me they couldn’t find it in Spotify.

@craigconstantine yes, Open + Curious does up immediately on Apple Podcast.

One nifty thing about podnews (you really should go find your show there and look for nits to pick) is it lists all the directories you should be appearing in…

Podnews was whining about Amazon Music… and I just got that sorted out.

Unfortunately, it still says Open + Curious isn’t in Spotify… yet, when I log into spotify (as a creator of podcasts, by going to ) I do see my show, listed in my catalog . . . so this remains a mystery to me. I’ll tinker on this further, maybe this weekend. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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@Craig - Nothing new from me - Same as Steve and Mark - Apple Podcasts - instant appearance - all Episodes. BONUS as this question and the responses - giving me much to think about and explore at the start of the year. Great Idea Club topic too :wink:


The SEO Approach: When I type Open + it doesn’t come up in the top 10. Open + C it’s pretty far down in the ranking. Open + Curious it’s the only option on my podcatcher (Some arcane app called Beyond Pod that I love and my wife makes fun of.)