Reporting in: AnnieP

Hey, all!
On Sunday at the monthly campfire I owned up to letting a great deal of important and not so important things get in my way of recording.

What I committed to (voluntarily, no coercion needed) was for the next month (until the next campfire) to spend a minimum of 30 minutes, M-F, recording, editing, and polishing the coming episodes of my podcast “Have I Got a Tale to Tell”. As an addendum I added I will not push all the time into the weekends, if I miss a day, it’s gone—period, and to post daily that I did or didn’t do it.

So, @craigconstantine and the others who were at the campfire–30 minutes done.

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Okay I’m going to write to myself (haha) tantamount to talking to myself, I suppose
Anyway, day 3 came and went in a stinky haze of skunk eau d cologne. Seriously, was awaken
at 5am by my son hollering for help. His dog Archer had been in full on in the face.

I did nothing but clean and air our house out–still not done but at least I don’t feel nauseous today. So this is a riff on the dog ate my homework–haha