Share your checklists

As this community’s podcast continues ( see, #listen ), I thought I’d share the checklist I use when I’m doing an episode.

Hit reply and share your checklists, or checklist ideas, (or questions :)

PodComm’s checklist

The header stuff, at the very top, is a byproduct of this being a document I’m maintaining in the project management software we use. ( Basecamp )


As I look at my coming day, I grab a sheet for each recording that is scheduled. I write the guest’s name on the sheet, and I fill in the two at ____ lines with the specific times. This way, the sheet lays on my desk where I am very unlikely to forget the appointment.

Prep work

I do this stuff 15-minutes before the call. Spin up the call, setup my environment for recording, etc.

Recording session

My reminders of things to say/do.

Post work

I can explain any of these steps that are of interest, in more detail. But, all of the post work, except the “create slip” part, only takes me a few minutes.

An actual example

Notes on the right

I do my best to scribble some notes during the recording. Good luck reading my writing. :slight_smile: The boxed, “reflection” is the word I chose for the episode title.

What’s a “slip”?

As part of each recording, I add slips to my slipbox. The first slip (3x5 card) is for the recording itself; My notes from the checklist, get recopied (and often edited and expanded) onto the slip. The next two slips are from areas in the slipbox which are indices; Joe is filed under the two letters, “w” and “e”. And he’s the first thing I’ve added under the theme “reflection.”

Different checklist

I use a similar checklist—the system is the same, but the checklist has very different individual items. (Again, happy to explain any details that people want to ask about. But, sorry, “explain them all” is beyond my time for one sitting. ;)

This particular one is interesting because I made some red markings. As I’m working, if I find something about my process that needs to be changed, I mark it in red. That way, I don’t get immediately sidetracked. I “worked” this checklist all the way to the end, and tossed it to the side of my desk. Later, I went back and thought more about what, and why, I’d made the red marks. (I think in this case, I did nothing about my red marks around the “Timer” — that’s simply something I have to remember to do with Zoom. But the red marks about “image”, I went in and amended the checklist.)


Pretty awesome, @Craig! Thanks for sharing! I’m no where near this organized!


I made a tracker that I keep in my notebook at my desk to keep track of what tasks have been completed on which recordings, but I rarely remember to look at it or update it, so it’s not useful.

I don’t have a checklist for things to do before.

I do have all of my questions for guests on index cards that I lay out before we start, and when I’m done asking a question (or decide that the question won’t be asked), I flip it over. It’s smoother than having a list on a piece of paper because it’s faster to scan and see what’s still available, or what ties in well to what we’re talking about (if any), etc. I keep a notebook and pen nearby to write notes or questions or whatever comes up in my brain that’s not ready to be out loud.


This is a great idea, @Heat!


Wow–that is awesome and shows why your podcasts take off. I only have one list–push Record and the bio of the person.

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This is fantastic. I have set up an excel sheet to track my teaching episode topics but I realized that I need more detailed info to make each ep similar in length and not overwhelming. I am working on it. @craig Thanks for sharing this and it shows a whole different level.

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I realized after the first time my podcast didn’t record that I needed a check list. It was embarrassing having to ask my podcast guest to record another episode.

Having a checklist really streamlines the workflow of recording the podcast, but also the marketing of the episode

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