POD9.5 meeting - CHANGE

Hello POD9.5 podcasters! Hope your week has started on an up-beat.


We plan to continue exploring the subject of our audience, as there are so many aspects that are worth thinking about and Change is at the core of our next meeting.

  • Who is it for?

  • How will you reach them?

  • Where do you find them?

  • What change are you seeking to make?

No need to panic, we don’t have all the answers ready, but it is worth opening the discussion, as we build towards an upcoming session about Branding. Oh yes, hold on to your hats - we will go there in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more! :blush:

Here is a good read on mindset from Seth’s blog.

On the Up & UP :arrow_up: POD9.5 — Saturdays 3pm-NYC
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@Anna :sunglasses: Soooo grateful that you keep us oriented and prepared to take another step - with these excellent prompts. Anticipation already bubbling over for this coming Saturday. :grin:

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Can I ask a question as someone who has had their head buried in other work (and regularly producing our podcast)?

Is the POD9.5 catchup only for POD 9’ers?

Or anyone in this group?

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@Suzi @Anna Hi Anna - just making sure you see Suzi’s question.

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Thanks @maryjlrowe and hello @Suzi - absolutely feel free to join us on Saturday!

More food for thought in to preparation to our meeting. These were @AnnieP’s very good questions to help us field through the noise:

  1. what was your impetus for a podcast?

  2. who do you imagine listening to your podcast?

  3. list/ name 3 characteristics you and your audience share

  4. how will you let people know you have a podcast? Take out an ad on Facebook, posters in neighborhood stores, call up all your friends, pay for an insert in Your neighborhood throwaway

  5. what will your listeners gain by listening to you?

So much to unpack! I can’t wait to get this conversation going.
See you on Saturday!

Zoom link at the top :arrow_up:


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Thank you, @Anna
You read my mind // lol❤️

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See you later!

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